Laser Diodes (SM & MM)
Single-Mode Pigtailed LD
Multimode Fiber Coupled LD
Fiber Receptacle Laser Diode
Dual-λ Fiber Receptacle LD
Dual-λ Pigtailed Laser Diode
Tri-λ Pigtailed Laser Diode
SM Pigtailed Laser System
MM Pigtailed Laser System
3-Channels Laser System
405nm 1~10W Laser System
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Part Number Wavelength (nm) Power Laser Type Package Price (USD) Detail
WSPD-IGA-55-1 850~1700 Size:55um InGaAs PD TO Can
WSPD-IGA-75-1 850~1700 Size:75um InGaAs PD TO Can
WSPD-IGA-300-1 850~1700 Size:300um InGaAs PD TO Can
WSPD-IGA-300-mini 850~1650 Size:300um InGaAs PD Mini-TO Can
WSPD-IGA-500-1 850~1700 Size:500um InGaAs PD TO Can
WSPD-IGA-1000-1 850~1700 Size:1000um InGaAs PD TO Can
WSPD-IGA-2000-2 850~1650 Size:2000um InGaAs PD TO Can