Laser Diodes (SM & MM)
Single-Mode Pigtailed LD
Multimode Fiber Coupled LD
Fiber Receptacle Laser Diode
Dual-λ Fiber Receptacle LD
Dual-λ Pigtailed Laser Diode
Tri-λ Pigtailed Laser Diode
SM Pigtailed Laser System
MM Pigtailed Laser System
3-Channels Laser System
405nm 1~10W Laser System



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Wavespectrum offer 375nm~1610nm Laser Diode Products, such as:
375nm, 405nm, 440nm, 445nm, 450nm, 473nm, 488nm, 635nm, 637nm, 640nm, 642nm, 650nm,
658nm, 660nm, 670nm, 671nm, 675nm, 685nm, 690nm, 705nm, 730nm, 780nm, 785nm, 792nm,
808nm, 830nm, 840nm, 850nm, 860nm, 870nm, 880nm, 905nm, 915nm, 940nm, 980nm, 1064nm,
1310nm, 1330nm, 1350nm, 1370nm, 1390nm, 1410nm, 1430nm, 1450nm, 1470nm, 1490nm,
1510nm, 1530nm, 1550nm, 1570nm, 1590nm, 1610nm.

Our Prodcuts Kind includes:

(1)SM Coaxial Package Diode Laser Module
(2)SM Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Module
(3)SM Pigtailed diode laser Module
(4)Fiber Coupled LD with Polarization Maintaining Fiber
(5)Coaxial Pigtail LD with Single mode fiber
(6)C-mount High Power LD
(7)TO3 Package Laser Diode
(8)TO18 5.6mm Diode Laser
(9)TO5 9mm Package Laser Diode
(10)High Power Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Module
(11)HHL 4-pin 2-pin 14-pin Butterfly Fiber Coupled LD Module
(12)High Power Single Mode fiber coupled Diode Laser Module

Wavespectrum also offer SM PM MM Fiber Coupled Diode Laser System, Such as:

(1) Single Mode High Stability Fiber Coupled Diode Laser System with SM Fiber
(2) High Power SM Pigtailed Laser Diode System
(3) High Stability SM Coaxial LD system with SM PM Fiber
(4) Dual-Channel SM Fiber coupled laser system
(5) Dual-wavelength Pigtailed ld system
(6) Tri-Channel Fiber coupled laser module
(7) Tri-wavelength Coaxial Pigtailed laser diode module/system 



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